Dr Bryan Chung PhD on the EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Dear Dr Ninja with Dr Bryan Chung

Dr Bryan Chung is the not-so-secret advice columnist behind Dear Doctor Ninja

Bryan is a methodologist and a surgeon who improves people’s relationship with science.

The biggest compliment Bryan’s ever received was from his mentor while in residency.

“You deserve this award because, after four years, I finally understand what you’re talking about.”

Bryan has been getting better at helping people understand what he’s talking about since.

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About Dr. Bryan Chung and Dr. Ninja

Dr Bryan Chung, Phd aka Dear Doctor Ninja

“I want to change how we see our relationship with science in how we work and live.” – Bryan Chung, PhD

Dr Bryan Chung Alias Dear Dr NinjaBryan’s Introduction

1. You’re all kinds of doctors (MD and PhD). What inspired you to take both of those routes? How does one play off the other?

2. What inspires you to explain research with such passion and creativity?

3. People on the internet often talk about the medical profession as if they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to nutrition or exercise? What’s your take on this?

4. Can you explain what evidence-based medicine is?

5. Keto, Carnivore, and Low Carb diets and where they’re good

6. The thyroid, Hashimoto’s Disease, and gluten-free diets

7. Gluten-free diets and celiac disease

8. Healthy at Every Size – Can you have health at every size?

9. What does it mean to be healthy? What’s the definition of ‘health?’

To wrap up…

  • You don’t just answer questions for lay people. You also help professionals see science and evidence in a different way. I hear you even wrote a book on this? Tell us about it.
  • Can you tell our listeners where they can find you?

Dr. Bryan Chung, Dear Dr Ninja, and all the other links

Dear Doctor Ninja 

Dear Dr. Ninja Online — DearDr.Ninja

Bryan on Medium  — Bryan Chung on Medium

Question The Start And End With The Question – Bryan’s Book Preview – CriticalMass.ninja


Funny stuff mentioned

Jimmy Kimmel – Pedestrian Question – What is Gluten 

JP Sears – How to be gluten intolerant

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