Cooking In Place – My team up with Microsoft 365

It’s not every day you get a chance to give a cooking presentation to Microsoft.

No, it was not on on the Bill Gates level. Better, these are the people doing the real work!

I’m sure they told him about me, though.

When the quarantine started, Microsoft sent its people home to work, just like so many of us ‘normals.’

Also, like us normals, they went stir-crazy. They turned to nostalgic foods, ordered in, and basically threw up their hands.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that they, like you, had trouble finding the perfect foods at the store, because every store seemed to be out of everything.

No one knew what to eat, because none of their favorite recipes worked without the right ingredients.

Sounds pretty doomsday, right?

That’s when a friend of a friend recommended me, Roland, as the guy to help!

They reached out, I answered, and before long we’d schedule a workshop, where I got up in front of the entire Microsoft 365 Team.

Virtually, of course, because you know, quarantine.

My talk was all about reframing your meals, keeping yourself open and flexible, having a few staples on hand to tie ingredients together, and being willing to ‘mix and match.’

It went great.

It went so great that we ended up doing an article for their own customers!

While I can’t share my actual presentation with you, I can share the article we (Microsoft and I) did together that they’ve published on their MS 365 site.

I’ll be doing a webinar or workshop on the same topic soon, so be sure you’re on our email list to get notified.

Now, here’s the article on!

7 fresh ideas to make cooking easy and fun – on

Cooking is so much more than what ends up on your plate. From recipe planning to pantry organization and grocery shopping to sharing virtual meals with others both near and far, we can help. If spending more time at home has led to more time in the kitchen, check out these resources and tips for using Microsoft products to help you make the most of your efforts with the least amount of stress.

Read more…

I hope you enjoyed the Microsoft / EatMoveLive52 team-up, and maybe learned a few things!

If you want to download the mix-and-match charts and recipe guide, you’ll find it in the article, but it’s also just below.

Wouldn’t want you stuck in an infinite loop, after all 😉

Bowls might be the perfect food right now

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