Carls Jr, Protein-Style! – The All-Natural Burger Lettuce Wrapped

In-N-Out calls it ‘protein style,’ Carls Jr calls is ‘low-carb,’ and McDonalds just gives you a weird look (but they’ll do it); wrap the burger in lettuce instead of a bun.

Ditching the bun is critical for people with Celiac disease, FODMAP issues, or gluten sensitivity, but I usually do it to save calories.

The fresh baked bun on Carls Jr’s All-Natural Burger has about 380 practically empty calories! That’s one huge bun…

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Carls Jr All-Natural Burger

Last week, I reviewed the Carl’s Jr All-Natural Burger, here, but I wanted to report back on the lettuce wrapped version, which is not on the menu, but available at all restaurants.

In fact, ALL of their burgers can be ordered ‘low carb,’ so give it a shot next time (and save almost 400 calories).

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Any burger can be bunless

Whether you call it low-carb, protein-style, lettuce wrapped, in a bowl, or bunless, know that you can do this at ANY restaurant, fast food or sit down.

Swapping the bun out and salad in saves a ton of empty calories, and leaves room for more protein.

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5 thoughts on “Carls Jr, Protein-Style! – The All-Natural Burger Lettuce Wrapped

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    1. roland Post author

      Myeishi, thanks for writing!

      Since I published this, Carl’s has added the All-Natural Burger to their online calculator system, so you can play around yourself. It’s pretty slick!

      The way I had it (no mayo, no bun) come in at 330 calories. The way you want it comes in at 380 calories because of the mayo). If you cut the mayo, bun, and cheese, it drops to around 250.

      Here’s the link so you can see how your favorites stack up!

      Take care!



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