Full Disclosure Friday – Basic health advice, weird advice

The internet is full of health hacks and advanced fitness advice, but when it comes to basic tips, sometimes the basics are hard to find.

Full disclosure, one of the most powerful health hacks out there is simply to go back to the basics.

Unfortunately, we’ve spent so much time trying to hack ourselves, that by today’s standards, the basics can seem basic.

Or even weird.

…but hey, I’ll take it!


If you hang out on social media, then you’re probably familiar with Full Disclosure Friday, where people let loose and share their innermost secrets!

Like admitting you don’t like coconut oil, or that you’ve never seen Star Wars, even though you quote it all the time.

That’s not my disclosure, by the way. I’ve seen Star Wars over 25 times.

That I’ve seen it so many times is not my embarrassing disclosure, either, although maybe it should be.

No, my #FullDisclosureFriday is about how much I love this 1-star review of our latest book.

“Basic advice sprinkled with weird advice.”

And yes, that’s the whole review.

The review itself is kind of basic.

And certainly weird. 🙄

My full disclosure is…

I always start with the 1-star reviews of any book I’m interested in.

1-star reviews are rarely about the book itself, but more about whether the book was right for the reader, so I can use them as a shortcut.

This reviewer obviously has the basics down (I hope), and is NOT interested in weird.

Whatever is considered weird is in this case is not specified.

That’s too bad, because I love weird, and basic totally works for most people.

At minimum, it’s a great place to start.

Do you want lasting, sustainable health, wellness, and fitness?

This particular basic and weird 1-star review is from our latest book, which, coincidentally is actually about simple, small habits that stack up over time, leading to big results.

Each chapter IS basic.

By design.

And weird? Let’s see…

Basic health advice?

Some of our chapters challenge you to go barefoot more often, sit on the floor, journal a little, or find a peaceful space where you’re not constantly blasted by outside noise.

galina denzel journaling eatmovelive52 journal

We teach you how to find sustainable fish that you don’t need to fear, batch cook on Sundays, and move like a baby.

These things are pretty basic, but they aren’t random. Each one has a reason, which we explain every step of the way.

Besides, basic advice is only a flaw if you already know it.

And already do it.

Weird health advice?

Yes, some of it might be weird by modern day standards, but some of today’s most socially acceptable stuff is actually pretty weird. Like green smoothies?

Or worse, green smoothies that aren’t even green!

Green smoothie purple smoothie weird advice

If you don’t think smoothies, green or purple, are weird, you’re not being honest with yourself.


Most of us have tried the more elaborate stuff many times before, yet “here we are again.”


Bring it on.

In the case of our book, I hope this 1-Star review will tempt people to get curious, maybe have a look at the table of contents and think ‘I do need basic. Now let’s get a little weird.”

Basic health advice equals better health

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well is available at all major booksellers, like Barnes & Noble and Amazon, so check it out.

It’s got a lot of great reviews, including my favorite one, with that one star!

Weird is just a bonus

If you want a little basic, a little weird, AND a lot more good health, you can get it all in Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well – 52 ways to feel better in a week.

Click here or the book cover to get your copy

Here’s my #FullDisclosureFriday number two.

Health hacks are fine, but they’re if you ask me it’s actually pretty weird not to try the basics first.

Talk soon!


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