Always hungry? Yeah, me too!

Long term weight loss success only comes with better habits, real food, and retraining your brain-body-hunger connections.

This is Roland’s interview in the recent Men’s Health Magazine on hunger, constant hunger, losing weight, and keeping it off for for over 13 years.

I’ve known Lou Schuler for years

We met after I pulled one of those fan-boy things and tracked him down after reading his book, Testosterone Advantage Plan.

Stalking someone on the internet isn’t all that hard, today. Back then there was no Facebook or Twitter. I had to do it the old fashioned way, by sending him an email via his publisher’s web site. I timed it right, I guess. Lou got it, and even answered, and since then, we’ve become friends. He has inspired me in my health and fitness and also in my writing. I’m glad to now have something to give back, even if it’s just a quick interview!

95% of dieters will regain the weight lost within five years

One of the sad statistics of weight loss is that only about 5% of those who lose their weight keep it off longer than five years. A 95% failure rate is a tough sell, no matter how delicious a proposed diet sounds. But you have to remember that most of that 95% aren’t actively trying to figure out how to keep the weight off. How to modify their choices, behaviors, foods, and activities to beat those odds. They lose the weight, struggle a bit, then give up and go back to old habits. Or at least to habits that aren’t helping!

Over the years, Lou and I talked about this quite a bit. I remember when he told me I’d now defied the odds by making it over 5 years! Now it’s over 13. I wonder what those odds are.

Read on, and I hope you like the article that Lou wrote. He did a great job capturing my thoughts on the subject, but come back after reading and I’ll add a bit more.

Men’s Health – How to be Hungry

The 1,200-mile drive from Cascade County, Montana, to Orange County, California, takes you past some of the more extraordinary landscapes in America—Yellowstone at one end, Mojave at the other.

Mountains, canyons, and wilderness inspire and calm, perhaps because they also block the radio signals that might distract you.

On this trip, in the spring of 2003, my friend Roland Denzel needed inspiration and solitude for the decision he was about to make.

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Read on: Men’s Health – How to be hungry





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