podcasting with more pumpkin spice

Galina & Roland Talk All Day Movement

Galina and Roland sit down with you to talk all day movement and how to have a more dynamic workday.

…and a bit of pumpkin spice thrown in for good measure!

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All Day Movement

podcasting with more pumpkin spice

1. Now with more pumpkin spice!

2. All day movement and the dynamic office.

3. Exercise isn’t enough, you have to move throughout the day.

4. The concept of being active sedentary.

5. L. A. Times editorial – facts about too much sitting

6. Increased risk of early death

7. Exercise alone is not enough to ensure good health

8. Morning strategies for before work

9. Strategies for at work/during the day

10.  People with seated jobs are twice as likely to die from cardiovascular disease

Links and Resources

Every BODY Moves by Galina Denzel – The complete course by Galina, featuring her signature Five Minute Movement Breaks.

Don’t Just Sit There – The Complete Program by Katy Bowman and Mark Sisson (affiliate)

Click for Don’t Just Sit There

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well, feature chapters on all day movement and the dynamic office.

LA Times short facts video – Get up at least once every 30 minutes. Failure to do so may shorten your life, study finds

Sitting is Killing You – “Fun” infographic at DIYGenius.com

Deskbound by Kelly Starrett (affiliate)

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Roland & Galina


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