The 2017 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

Tis the season for gifts. It’s a tradition around here to share gift ideas – and not just any gifts, but objects, tools and technology that can support the health of your family, friends and loved ones. After all, you can’t “make” anyone healthier, but you can certainly help create the experiences and environment to enhance health. If you want to do a little time travel, here is our guide from last year, and without delay we present to you this year’s gifts ideas.

Gifts for the home and kitchen

Air-cleaning plants

You may have heard of air purifiers, but several species of house plants actually purify the air of dangerous chemicals. You can get an already pre-selected pack from Amazon, or head to your local nursery and ask them to pick a plant for you. Boston ferns, rubber plants, ivy and peace lily are our favorites. Make sure you tell the receiver about the benefits of the plant and give them care instructions.

A micro greens home-grow kit

Micro-greens are spectacular, packing up to 40 times the nutrients you can find in the grown up version of the same plants. In the store, a tiny package can be up to 5 dollars, and they are so simple and easy to grow indoors. This company makes kits that stick to the inside of a window, where there is plenty of light.

Want a much bigger garden, both for inside or out, that you can grow a ton of greens in? We have done great with out own Towergarden, check it out here. 

Fun dish towels

It’s hard to imagine not smiling while cooking with these fun and creative dish towels from Do Take It Personally on Etsy. Make sure to look at their “Oh, Kale, No!” towel, too!

For coffee lovers (that includes us, you know)

If you are putting a gift under the tree of a coffee lover, might as well make it fresh, sustainable, organic and hand picked to create a unique tasting experience. Coffee-tasting is a ritual in and of itself so this gift will stretch for many many weeks. This year, Driftaway Coffee is offering a great deal. Check it out and surprise someone!

The Stagg Pour Over System (more for coffee lovers)

Apart from being absolutely gorgeous and minimalist, this pour over system offers something few others do – the double walls to keep your coffee warm. That matters. Get it here, and then invite us over. You, whoever is getting this, we are jealous.

Don’t think the double walls are worth the price – grab some mug sweaters, which are kind of cute. MudandYarn has the ones with buttons. So cool.

Techy gifts

The best pedometer I’ve ever owned.

You rarely see the same product in our guide two years in a row, but after a year with the Withings tracker (now owned by Nokia) and experiencing their outstanding customer service, I am surprised more people don’t talk about this amazing tool. Waterproof, tracks sleep and steps, you only change the battery once a year and you have a watch and a pedometer all in one, light and as aesthetically pleasing as a pedometer can be. Mine also has 4 different color straps, for those days when black and beige just won’t cut it. I say get one. By the way if you look on Amazon, the old Withings Pop sells for around half the cost of what it was last year, maybe you’d like a pink one or a blue one yourself.

Sticky pads

You’ve probably seen these awesome sticky tools – you can use them to attach your phone, a glass of water, your keys…anything you don’t want to fall or lose. I can tell you as someone who needs my things close and not spilling and not lost, I greatly appreciate the person who first invented those. Get them here.They could make fun stocking stuffers, too!

Sunrise simulating wake-up light

We’ve written many times about the benefits of natural light – but what do you do when winters get long, and you start to drag? Enter blue lights and other light simulating lights, like this amazing product from Philips. If you have a friend or loved one who hates long winters, they might just really start loving you for giving them a gift of sound sleep, better mood and energy all year round. Grab it here.

For the little ones

Leg warmers

Little feet and toes that run and climb need grip strength, yet socks often slip and slide on wood and tile floors. You can gift these lovely alpaca leg warmers this season. Scroll down for sizes, and you will see that they have them for adults too – maybe your yoga-loving cousin is in luck.

Mindful games activity cards

I am absolutely in love with these. There are tons of incredible games in here, the illustrations are just delightful and you get to increase your abilities to be mindful while helping your kids learn about the power of presence, breath, attention and play. It’s a ton of fun for the whole family, and you can take them on road trips and outdoors. Grab them here.

The kind slingshot – felt balls and all

Aiming, shooting, jumping and rolling around AND noone gets hurt – this kind slingshot is a fabulous toy for kids (or someone like you who likes to play). I am just in love with all the colors available and would be happy to have a few different colors to pick from. Handmade awesomeness, get it here.

Story stones

These gorgeous stones are an amazing outdoor game – you can use them in many versatile ways – by telling stories, stimulating imagination, playing scavenger hunts. They come with helpful suggestions with how to use them, but I can see you making them your own very soon and learning from kids the various ways they want to play, too! Etsy time, get them here!

Scavenger hunt game

I can’t think of a gift more significant to share than to teach the littlest ones about loving nature and all of it’s beauty. This beautiful scavenger hunt game is great for all ages, even those who cannot read. You can play as a family or at parties, and I can’t wait to hear how you surprised someone with it. Isn’t it cool?

Mini cornhole game

Being able to play inside and outside, AND paint this any color you like make this set our favorite this year. We have tons of fun playing corn hole and can’t recommend it enough. In a time when we are trying to pry our kids away from screen devices, it’s nice to have a game they can play with us or with friends. Get it here.

For the healthy office

Those of us who work in front of a computer or at a desk know the value of taking breaks, often and with intention. But in order to want to take a break you also need to set up an office that invites a break. Here are some great tools to help you.

A standing mat to stimulate movement

The awesome Topo mat lets you change foot positions, vary angles, stand longer and feel better doing it. It surely helps you not just stand there. Check out the various colors, too!

If you know the person getting this gift (or you) uses a massage ball a lot, this may also be a great option.

Standing desk converter

For the person who would really like to have a stand up workstation, but for some reason doesn’t want a big desk, this is a great way to convert and take a step in the right direction, which in this case is up. This desk converter is also on sale right now, so you can grab it for much less. Here!

Brain Fm subscription

Could you give someone the gift of focus, relaxation, meditation? This is what Brain FM has for listeners (including us, we love it so much). It’s an easy to download app / streaming website that plays music to help you focus, relax or enter deep states of meditation. We use it a lot when working on creative tasks and both of us find we are much less distracted and calmer while working. Go check it out for free, here. and then consider gifting it to the most focus-needing person you know!

Movement, exercise and meditation gifts

Mama Moves Cards

The kindest, most beautiful and educational gift for new moms or busy moms or tired moms or overwhelmed moms…for the mom who wants to take care of herself and has limited time, these cards combine gentle exercise, kind self-care tips and all without having to leave home or baby. We interviewed their creator a while back on the #eatmovelive52 podcast – Bethany Drohman is a fabulous movement educator and if you hurry she can send these out just in time for the holidays. Order here!

Meditation cushion from Samaya

There is something sacred and special about building a space in your home dedicated to your sitting practice. Making sure you are comfortable is key and having an awesome cushion is kind of a luxury, so why not gift it to yourself or a meditator you love. Gorgeous, ya?

Luxurious Yoga Blanket

While I love my cotton mexican yoga blankets, this guy has been calling my name for a few months. It can be used as a blanket or movement prop, and could warm someone’s heart and feet! It’s also so beautiful, it’s definitely worthy of being under a tree. Here is how to get it.

Unshoes gift certificate

For the special someone in your life who loves minimal footwear and would love a new handmade pair from Unshoes, our favorite minimal sandal and closed shoe footwear company – you can get them a gift certificate! The best is you can choose the amount, so you can even have enough for summer and winter shoes or shoes for all your grandkids! The sandals are custom made and take a few weeks, but are well worth the wait! Several pairs of Unshoes are in my closet and I love them dearly and can’t recommend them enough!

Books and courses

Our book

Time for a shameless plug, but you can get our Shop Small deal for the holidays and get 3 autographed books for the price of two. Hurry up and order before December 10, so we can actually get them to you before we leave for Europe. Get the books here!Dynamic Aging

For anyone in your family or friend circle who is feeling the aches and pains of aging, but knows they don’t have to continue, this is a life changing book. I cannot recommend this enough for inspiration, motivation and very practical steps to a healthier body at any age. Grab it on Amazon!

Dawn Again

Doniga is living example of how one person’s passion to help the Earth and environment can be lived out in very practical ways. She is a dear friend and inspiring role model and has been such an amazing influence on our desire to grow more of our food, support more of our local farmers and eventually move to be even closer to nature. This is a great read for teenagers who love nature, parents who want to raise kids to love the land and anyone who wants to farm and grow food to help the planet. Grab it here!

The Book of Awakening

This daily reader shares a beautiful piece of wisdom to start your day, give you hope, bring you back to yourself and remind you what is truly precious in life and relationships. Mark Nepo is a delightful writer, and someone who can open your heart in unexpected ways. For that extra spiritual family member who will appreciate it and remember you daily. Get it on Amazon.

Every Body Moves Course

Our movement course is a great gift for someone looking for a way to move more, but wanting a bit more guidance. Jump in and see what it’s all about.  

If you purchase the course as your own, we will help you transfer the rights to a person that you choose. Leave the work to us and enjoy the gifting.

Donate to a cause

Every year, we encourage you to donate to a cause of your choice or join us for a cause. This year, we are helping Mukisa Hellen feed 200 families for Christmas in Kampala, Uganda. If you would like to support her Christmas outreach, you can donate through the Building Foundations 1×1 PayPal account. When you write in the description, please let them know your donation is for Hellen in Uganda. You can donate as little as $5 and as much as your heart desires. This year we are raising $1000 for her outreach. She has a beautiful ministry and we are blessed to be a part of her life.

And after all of this, if you are still not into any of this stuff, check our our guide on NOT the stuff!

We wish you happy, healthy and exciting holidays!

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