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Zucchini with tahini

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Roland Denzel Skill Based Weight Loss Coach

Weight loss coaching wins over dieting every time

Have you stopped to think about the difference between being on a diet and being…

Dr Bryan Chung PhD on the EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Dear Dr Ninja with Dr Bryan Chung

Dr Bryan Chung is the not-so-secret advice columnist behind Dear Doctor Ninja Bryan is a…

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About Roland & Galina

Welcome to EatMoveLive52

Roland and Galina are a coaching and author team like no other.

Roland knows firsthand what it’s like to walk the walk of weight loss. He lost 110 lbs and has kept it off for 17 years. Today, through his writing, personal and group coaching, he is passing on the gift of skill based weight loss to clients all over the world. His kind and effective approach can help you find your own way to feeling good in your skin again.

Galina combines her experience as a long time health and wellness coach with her practice as a trauma and emotional resiliency practitioner. She specializes in supporting people suffering with chronic and persistent pain, as well as clients looking for freedom from emotional eating. She also supports organizations and corporations in creating wellness solutions to prevent burn out at the work place. 

Together, Roland and Galina have written several books, the last of which, Eat Well Move Well Live Well, won the Foreword Indie Gold in 2017 in the health category.

They currently live, create, work and play in Longmont, Colorado.

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Roland & Galina Denzel

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