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The Chill Holidays Podcast

Strategies to beat stress, overeating, and holiday weight gain The holidays can be a stressful…

butternut squash recipe real food

Butternut Squash Recipes You’ve Never Tried Before

It's squash season. If it wasn't for fear or turning orange, I would serve squash…

Stop Emotional Eating

Interview with Galina Denzel Roland sits down and interviews Galina about emotional eating. We talk…

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About Roland & Galina

roland and galya and the fence yes-0004Welcome to EatMoveLive52

Feeling great is within your grasp. 

• Walk somewhere today.

• Take just one step toward better eating right now.

• Spend just five minutes being mindful of your eating, your exercise, your relationships... your life

Feeling great is within you.

All you have to do is start. 

Isn't it time?

Roland & Galina Denzel


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