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We are so glad you are here and you are curious to experience about what moving well can do for you!

There are many approaches to exercising your body, and ours is a part of the “movement movement” – believing that how you move and the movement environment you live in are way more important than a few hours of exercise a week.

All of our programs are built with you in mind: we want your body to have everything it needs to enjoy movement without fear and pain, and for you to be able to explore new and exciting ways to move and take yourself on new adventures.

Ultimately, you are in charge of your body – and how you move in it and how you live in it matters so much to your happiness, confidence, and well-being.

Movement is not about calories or muscle – it’s about your complex human form being given everything it needs to thrive – smaller and larger moves are the mechanical environment in which your organs and systems can perform and feel their best!

Our approach is best laid out in the 12 Habits to success course, but before you jump in it, here is what you need to know:

  • You don’t need intense exercise to be healthy, lose weight or feel good in your body
  • You can get a lot of movement in a day in two simple steps: establishing a personal movement practice and harnessing the power of natural movement in your daily life
  • Human movement is limited by our civilized environment, so changing your surroundings to support movement will be a part of healing your body, especially if you have aches and pains
  • There is no way to get your movement needs through exercise alone since the distribution of all day movement is a key factor in health; thus learning how to move better and move more is necessary more than even for modern people

Ready to get started?

The Eat Move Live 365 Community gives you all the monthly movements and the motivation to be the best you possible.

In addition to the growing online library of new practices added each month, your membership includes access to each month’s Healing Movement with Galina at no extra charge. Galina’s Healing Movement’s are four-week programs, each one focusing on helping a specific area in your body, like the low back, feet, or hands and shoulders. Each $19-29 class is included – at no extra charge – in your membership!

“It’s like Netflix for your health!” – Julie P

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Healing Movement with Galina

Gentle and self-paced movement classes around specific topics such as stronger feet and low back care.

Each class comes complete with a printable home printable,  online support and Q&A options throughout the month.

Healing Movement with Galina is included as a free bonus for Eat Move Live 365 members.

Get any class for just $19 during its launch month, or any previous class for $29


Ready to jump in?

For the person who’s ready to wade into a rich library of resources, and move better, with confidence and strength.

Our most popular movement course comes with somatic meditations, morning routines, a library of 5-minute movement breaks, a rich ergonomics section, and even a developmental movement section.

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