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My wife is in Bulgaria for the next month or so, and after my first week alone, I noticed that I’d been walking A LOT less. I really think that walking is an important part of fitness, so with my mileage way down, “uh oh” is the phrase that came to mind.

When Galya is here, we make time for walking, and walk to one grocery store or another several times per week. That’s a lot of steps to make up for all the steps we don’t make during our workdays. Part of what makes our walking time so easy is the sparkling conversation between us; I’m brilliant, and she’s got a lot to say, so there you go. Without her, I’m left to talk to myself, and I think that’s less embarrassing when I stay at home…

Still, my fitbit said I was walking less than half as much as when the wife was in town. Not good. I needed a plan to step it up, pun definitely intended.

I’ll set my brilliant prose aside and tell you some of the things that I’ve done, and what I plan to do to keep up my steps over the next FIVE WEEKS! Yes, five…

Walk with [one or more] purpose[s]

Take a look at this list, below, and choose a couple that can help you meet your walking goals this week.

Walk with a friend – in fact, meet your friend halfway or at a particular meeting point. Set a timeframe or distance as your goal.

walking with purpose with friends

Walk with a book – an audio book, of course. I don’t recommend walking with a Kindle, although I’ve seen it in action. It’s ugly. Audible.com is a good place to start.

Walk while learning – podcasts are the ticket, here. Learn as you walk. Here are some of my favorites, to get you started.

There are podcasts for every hobby and interest, so explore iTunes and find what keeps you moving.

walking with purpose woman

Walk with music – I love Pandora, which is available on most smartphones. Pandora is a great way to discover new music, like I have using my secret girlfriend’s channel, here.

Walk with a step goal -pickup a pedometer or a fitbit. Track your steps for a few days, then try to add 1,000 to 2,000 steps more each day until you reach 10-12 thousand daily steps, which is what many studies and observations note as something of a “magic number” when it comes to losing fat or keeping things slim.

Walk to lunch – you’re working, but you still have to eat. Walk, don’t drive.

Walk with purpose – walk to the grocery store, farmer’s market, Target, or wherever. Sure it takes time, but it’s your goal to go there, and unlike making laps around the block, you have an actual destination. It helps.

There you have it

There are other ways to walk more, but it’s 1:06am, here in California, and I have to getup early for a nutrition consultation. It’s Monday, and work begins…

Let me know how your walking goes. What were the most helpful tips? What else did you come up with?



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