Things to listen to while walking #4

New news on gluten, the Vibram shoe lawsuit, and the truth on that bulletproof coffee stuff you’re probably not drinking anyway!


This week’s walking podcast is from Angelo Coppola, and it’s called  The Latest in Paleo


The Latest in Paleo? Don’t let the podcast name scare you!

This show is a great news source for all things nutrition related, not just paleo diet news.

Angelo Coppola is as paleo as I am, meaning that it might be where he started; eliminating foods that he thought might be an issue, and reintroducing foods to see how he did, but he’s come a long way since then. Like me, he concentrates on eating the most nutrient dense, quality sourced foods, but doesn’t let a treat now and then scare him off. Pretty common sense, right?

I’ve listed to Angelo for years, and he and I almost always eventually come to the same conclusions about food, food policy, food politics, and footwear, but it’s fun to see who gets there first!

There’s a lot to listen to, here, as Angelo’s show is always a real, produced show, with clips, and everything. He takes podcasting to the radio show level.




  • Gluten sensitivity in the news: Is it even real?
  • The Vibram Fivefingers lawsuit: What is the suit really about, and are minimal shoes worth wearing?
  • Bulletproof Coffee: Is it good for us, like the lovers say, or bad for us like he haters say? And, just because it contains healthy ingredients, is it still worth drinking your calories?
  • Overexercising: Who does that, anyway? I can barely get you people to walk! 😉


I hope you enjoy listening to this week’s podcast, now get out there and walk!


Download the podcast

You can listen, download, or signup via iTunes at The Latest in Paleo: Episode 111




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