Review of The Ultimate Home Gym Guide, by ‘Mighty’ Joe Stankowski

Don’t even think about setting up a home gym before reading this book!

Although I love going to the gym, I really understand the attraction to having a sweet home setup. When you have a home gym, you have control; you can outfit your garage, basement, or spare room with just the equipment you need, and you don’t have to worry about other people’s disgusting sweat, watching the ridiculousness of today’s favorite Bosu ball exercise, or listening to Gangnam Style leaking out from that other dude’s headphones. …it is a catchy tune.

The Ultimate Home Gym Guide

Joe’s a funny guy in person, and this book is written with character. I loved the ‘ah shucks’ style, that you might think is just a character, but it’s really just Joe’s true character! You’ll never meet a more humble and kind man, and when you read this guide, you’ll feel like you have met him.

 the ultimate home gym guide might joe stankowski

It’s under $7, and you are SURE to save many times more than that when you setup your own home gym, so what are you waiting for.

Whether you want a full gym experience, with a squat rack, rubber flooring, an Aerodyne bike, and a full weight set or a minimalist setup of dumbbells, a Swiss ball, suspension trainer, and jump rope, this is your ticket to saving $$.

From Amazon’s Description:

Not sure how much you should pay for a used weight set? Having trouble deciding between a treadmill or an elliptical trainer? Which floor options are worth considering? If space and budget are limited, what are the MUST-HAVES for an effective home gym?

Whether you’re investing in a home gym as a supplement to your existing gym membership or as a way to avoid the long term contracts, monthly membership fees or the inconvenient hours and locations and limitations of a commercial facility, you’ll discover how easy (and affordable) it can be to design the home gym of your dreams – in your garage, basement or spare bedroom.

Fitness expert “Mighty” Joe Stankowski, shares insider secrets and practical tips to finding the equipment YOU want at ridiculously low prices (often FREE!)

I highly recommend ‘The Ultimate Home Gym Guide‘ for anyone looking to outfit a home gym. Hell, even if you’re thinking of starting up your own personal training studio, most of the sources and ideas are going to save you money!

Using just one of Joe’s tips and tricks, I was able to locate a nice set of kettlebells that could save me over two hundred and twenty five dollars, and it’s less than 20 minutes away! That’s a savings of $218.21 after I subtract the cost of the book. Nice… Thanks, Joe!



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