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The original ‘Supercharged’ review posted in December of 2012, but breaking news, it’s now available in paperback!


The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged is here!


I really think it was a mistake to leave the exclamation point off the word “Supercharged,” but it might just be me.



For the last few years, these boys (Lou and Alwyn) have put out better and better New Rules of Lifting books; The original “The New Rules of Lifting,” then the “for Women” version, then “for Abs,” then “for Life.” In those places on the internet where people chat about this stuff (facebook, blogs, forums) they are affectionately and lazily typed NROL, NROL4W, NROL4A, and NROL4L; on December 27th, comes The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged, or NROLS.

Galya and I are lucky enough to have a copy NOW, which is kind of like having a time machine with extremely limited functionality. Cool, AND certainly life changing, but only in the sense that our lives changed a few days before yours!


The New Rules of Lifting



Once again, the fitness world’s power couple of Lou and Alwyn (Schalwyn? Losgrove?) have written a book that defines and redefines lifting weights. These books get better and better for reasons that I’ll describe un momento (that’s espanolish for “in a sec.”).

The original NROL dispelled the myths of the weight room, broke our bad habits, and brought on the good ones! From there, they went after women, and not only gave them reason to lift, but gave them the recipes for lifting right and eating right, and they are the prettier, healthier, and stronger for it.

After ‘Women” came the Abs Craze and NROL4A, which showed many people what ‘the core’ really is, and how those things you see while flexing and lifting your shirt at Fitness Planet isn’t it! Then, my favorite NROL was written; The New Rules for people who are old[er] and messed up. That’s Life.

And it was good.

And now, enter The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged.


Not content with revamping the original NROL into a mere 2nd edition, Lou and Alwyn started from scratch, with updated information using the latest training techniques from Results Fitness, Alwyn Cosgrove’s home base. It’s hard to argue with Alwyn’s level of experience, so when you ask yourself why you should trust that these training programs actually work, consider that Alwyn and his Results Fitness team lead clients through over 1200 workouts A WEEK!

Following the “choose your own exercise” model introduced in NROL for Life, Supercharged puts you in the position to choose the exercise that’s not only best for you, but uses equipment that YOU have. You no longer have to feel like you’re not doing the program when you substitute an exercise for one that’s prescribed; In Supercharged, movements are prescribed, not exercises.  …and to make things easy, Lou and Alwyn provide charts, lists, photographs, and descriptions of A LOT of movements, with progressions that start at beginner levels and work up to advanced.

If that wasn’t enough, each training program even has suggestions on how to take that workout to the next level, or ‘supercharge’ it! Nice touch!

I hate to admit that I’m a Schalwyn fanboy, but I am. I have all the books in the series, and when one of my nutrition clients or friends wants to learn how to maximize his or her training in the gym, it’s almost always a NROL book that I recommend!

Highly recommended!

With The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged you get the latest training ideas, the best warmups, and a complete system to make your training fun and effective!

The lists and charts of exercises and their progressions are indispensable, and as a result, Supercharged[!] makes you feel like you are in charge of your own training (hint, you are), letting you choose exercises that you can safely do, using equipment that you have readily available, and giving you a clear path when you need to make them harder or more challenging. All in all, a great system that’s fun and effective.

You are sure to see results with Supercharged, and I’m happy to have a new ‘go to’ book at the top of my ‘recommended’ list; The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged! Exclamation point, mine!


  1. Lou Schuler

    Thanks Roland! Now that you and Galya have a book out, should Alwyn and I start calling you Rolinova? Or would you prefer Galzel?


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