Q&A – Budget friendly steak, cycling protein powders, and smelly crock pot cooking

Galya and I get a lot of questions during consultations and client meetings, not to mention via Facebook and email. Many questions are common or interesting enough to share, so here we go with the latest round…


Steak is so expensive…

True, but you can go look for more budget friendly cuts. Talk to your butcher. Be friendly. I did, and as a result he advises me on choosing cost effective cuts and often gives me a heads up on some good bargains.

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Chuck Eye Steak – My butcher saw me looking for a smaller package of ribeye, but there were none. He handed me a chuck eye steak and said ‘trust me.’ I did, and still do. It was great, and about 1/3 the price of the ribeye!

Cut from the chuck eye roast; a good, low-cost alternative to the ribeye, though slightly less flavorful and tender. Marinate before grilling.

Personally, I’ve never marinated mine, and I’m happy.


Top Blade Steak – I happen to love the flat iron steak, and the top blade steak is basically an untrimmed flat iron at a much better price.

This steak is well-marbled, juicy and has excellent beef flavor. The difference between this and the flat iron, is that the connective tissue has not been removed.

There was one piece of ‘gristle’ down the middle, but it was easily spotted and ignored.


How often should I cycle my whey protein?

Q – I’m worried about my whey[protein powder] losing its effectiveness. How often should I cycle brands?

A – As often as you cycle your chicken brands.

Seriously though, it’s just food, so unless you’re worried about picking up some sort of intolerance, don’t sweat it. If it’s intolerance you’re concerned about, you’d actually need to drop the whey entirely and switch to a different powder.

I don’t think there’s a tolerance issue unless you’re eating a ton of one protein source and excluding others, but few people will live on whey protein, when chicken, steak, eggs, and fish are so readily available. Even if you are sticking to just one, many cultures rely on just one primary protein source and never have issues.

That being said, whey is dairy, and some people are, have been, or can become lactose intolerant. You’ve chosen to ask about a protein source that comes with it’s own baggage, where digestion and intolerance is concerned. However, if you’re doing well with it, there’s no need to cycle between brands.


Ugh, slow cooking smells…

Q – I love to use my slow cooker, especially in the winter; coming home to the smell of a nice stew is amazing. In the summer, however, the same smell is overpowering! I hate to use my slow cooker in the summer, especially for bone broth, which is extra smelly! Any suggestions?

A – Yes, put it outside. I put mine on the deck. Just make sure to close the windows so the smells don’t still waft in.

If that’s not an option, put it in the garage, mud room, or try to find a room that you can close off to the rest of the house. Try to crack a window to let some of that aroma outside.

Use it on the weekends, on high instead of on low. Get it done faster, when you’re home, so the smell doesn’t have 10-12 hours to build up such a ‘critical mass.’

Instead of slow cooking multiple times during the week, just crock pot more food on just one day. Get a bigger pot or get a second one, and then cook multiple days’ worth of food at one smelly time.



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