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Podcast Season 2, Episode 8 – Interview with Bethany Drohman

In this episode we interview Bethany Drohman, a movement and manual therapist specializing in postpartum movement resources.


Bethany Drohman is a movement and manual therapist in Eugene, Oregon, where she focuses primarily on moms and postpartum movement resources.

Bethany’s beautiful Mama Moves Cards teach moms fun and simple ways to incorporate more movement into their busy lives.

Bethany is a dancer and choreographer, an anatomy geek, and an explorer of the many ways you can fit movement into your life. Her gentle and caring approach to working with young moms is what truly drew us to her like a magnet.

For more information on Bethany and her Mama Moves Cards, scroll down the resources and links section.

And now, onto the interview!

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Mama Moves Cards – Postnatal Movement & Exercise Cards

bethany drohman mama moves cards postpartumbethany drohman mama moves cards prenatal

Bethany’s Mama Moves Cards – Click the picture above or click on

Links and Resources

Bethany’s web site is Divine Proportion Pilates.

Bethany can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

We know you’ll enjoyed our talk with Bethany as much as we loved interviewing her, so please share this episode with a mom you love!

Talk soon,

Roland & Galina

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The Eat Move Live 52 Podcast, Season 2, Episode 8 – Our Interview with Bethany Drohman

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