New Toy – T-Handle for Swings


I’ve been wanting to get some heavier kettlebells for doing swings, but I’ve resisted. A 32 kilo kettlebell is about $80 for a cheapo version, and well over a hundred for anything I’d be proud to have in the gym. Plus, if the kettlebell was a nice one, I’d really want a matched set. So, I resisted, and finally decided to make a T-Handle for swings.



A T-Handle lets me use my 1 inch, standard plates for swings. I have plenty of plates, and more can be had for about $1 per pound.

I had the pipe already, but a new one is about $10. The rest of the parts totaled about $6-7. So, for $17 and the cost of some weight plates I can swing an almost infinite variety of weights. Today, I kicked things off with a warmup, and three sets of 10 with 100 pounds.

My butt is already sore.

Here are the parts that I used. Simple. Ross Enamait, in the video below, suggests taking a small plate with you, just to be sure your pipe will fit your plates. If you’re going to do this, watch the video, but it really is this simple.

T-Handle Kettlebell Swings Homemade

Parts used

  • two 3 or 3 1/2 inch pipe nipples (3/4 inch pipe)
  • one 3/4 inch T attachment
  • one 3/4 inch floor flange (attached to end of pipe in picture)
  • one long pipe nipple (3/4 inch pipe) – I used this one because I had it for use as a dumbbell handle, but I’m going to buy a 12-18″ pipe nipple, instead, since this is a little long and I need my dumbbells!
  • sports tape (to wrap handles)
  • weight plates, misc (1 inch, or ‘standard’ plates from Walmart, Big 5, Dick’s, etc.)

Here’s Ross Enamait explaining how to make one. It’s extremely easy, and requires no tools.

Enjoy (and train hard)!



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