10 Ways to Make Your Meals More Mindful

I’ve done my fair share of mindless eating.

Maybe you have, too?

Over the past few months, Galina and I have been talking more and more about mindfulness and mindful eating with our groups.

We like to keep things positive, so instead of focusing on the mindless part, we’re talking about the mindful part.

If you’ve been around here a while, you know Galina and I believe good nutrition and exercise are very important, but sometimes we want to look deeper within ourselves. Maybe take a look within to see what’s encouraging us to eat more than we should, eat things we know aren’t good for us, or even eat when we aren’t even hungry.

I was fat growing up. I was a sad kid. I had emotional eating issues for my first 35 years. Who am I kidding? I still have them today.

For me, emotional eating hasn’t entirely gone away, but it’s better. It’s much more manageable, and it’s no longer the problem for me that it once was. Still, I keep working on it, because I know it can get even better.

10 Ways to Make Your Meals More Mindful

I have to give mindfulness some real credit to making my cravings and nervous kitchen wanderings better.

Much better.

Food no longer rules my emotions. Or is it that emotions no longer rule my appetite? Either way…

Our Facebook Group has really been loving the mindfulness discussions, so last week we decided it was time to update the free download we give people when they sign up for our email list. “10 Ways to Make Your Meals More Mindful” was the result.

Click here to get “10 Ways” via email, then download it, print it off, and stick in on the fridge.

We hope you love it and find it useful.

I bet you find a few tips that resonate with you. We’d love to hear the ones that you love most. Pop into the Facebook Group  and share your own mindfulness story!

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