Introducing… Meal Survivor [.com]

We all need quick and easy ideas for healthy foods, every once in a while.

  • You have nothing to cook, so you need a quick stop on the way home to avoid fast food
  • You are hungry at the store, so you need to buy something healthy to eat when you get home
  • You seriously don’t want to cook
  • Leftovers? Again?
  • You want to have something on hand for those times when you just want quick and easy.

Enter Meal Survivor!

It’s a work in progress, but Galya, Lisa, and I are doing the dirty work to write about the foods that you can rely on to be tasty, healthy, and diet conscious.

Here are some of the categories already up!

Big Lots,World Market,Target, Trader Joe’s,fresh and easy, supermarket

breakfast, dessert, dinner, drinks, lunch, sides, snacks

gluten free, grab-and-go, low carb, office friendly, paleo, simple recipes, vegetarian

If you have suggestions or requests, comments or questions, please let us know (and like us) on our Facebook page! It’s!



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