My open letter to a fast food joint


Egg whites bad. Egg yolks good.


A few days ago, I posted my opinion on eggs whites, egg yolks, and whole eggs. You can check it out, here: Welcome to the ’90s, McDonalds. A few weeks earlier, I wrote letters to a couple of our fast food giants, and I want to share what I wrote with you, our readers.


Dear ____,

While I’m certainly supportive of healthier options for your customers, it’s worth noting that the customer is not always right. In this case, if they are truly wanting egg whites, they are actually wrong.

The war against the egg and egg yolks has been long over, and the egg (and it’s yolk) won. Unfortunately, the USDA and mainstream media refuses to give up the battles, and continue to teach that eggs and their yolks are bad for us.

Be brave, and stand up for the health of your customers; educate them that yolks are healthy, and that replacing empty sugar and bread calories with vegetables is the healthier choice. Offer them lettuce wrapped bunless burgers, bowls of meats and vegetables, healthy egg scrambles, and their whole eggs in the form of delicious omelettes stuffed with vegetables, instead.

Rather than the low fat, low cholesterol options that have failed to help our society get healthier, offer them something that’s not only tasty, but a better choice for their health.

The low fat craze should have died out decades ago. That war is over, and only the government fails to realize it; it can no longer be won. …and even if it could be, we would be even less healthy, today.

Here are just a few interesting links regarding eggs and cholesterol. I urge you to read them:

There is a lot of good evidence FOR whole eggs rather than against, and I hope you will consider this when designing your menus.

Thank you for listening,




Roland Denzel

Eat Well, Move Well – Training, Nutrition, Movement

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4 thoughts on “My open letter to a fast food joint

  1. Jan

    Well said. I try to tell people this, but they just stare at me. It’s sad that those that rail against the government–(a government that is You and Me, and Every Citizen, by the way, ) but yet take as gospel the misguided and dangerous nutrition “rules” that have been discredited and found false almost from the very beginning of the con job they are giving us because the profit powers and purveyors of crap food that is killing people, will be on their collective butts if they don’t. Remember, the USDA’s main job is to promote and make it easier to sell mostly grain and commodities that are not really food anymore, but are disguised as such–corn, wheat and soy. Shop on the edges of the grocery store and try local food–it’s out there and since I do not eat processed food anymore, my grocery bills are actually down. I go to Walmart and have a few items at the bottom of my cart–while the rest are pushing around basically junk food. I can get 2 dozen farm raised local eggs that will last me 1 1/2 weeks for $5.00 while the potato chips that were eaten in a day and a half cost me over $4.00 a bag. Eggs ROCK. Cooked in coconut oil or REAL butter along with some bacon and I am good to go until the middle of the afternoon. The rest of my good, grain-free meals add to the energy that lasts all day and medical issues GONE. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Roland Denzel

    thanks for reading and writing!

    It’s hard NOT the believe the govt when it comes to food, because the things that they tell us to eat seem like good things. It’s hard to face that the government’s recommended foods are recommended because of something sinister, like power, money, and ignorance.

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