Coming down from my 21 days of ‘detox’

In a few days, my 21 days of strict dieting will be done!

…for now, anyway.

Speaking only for myself, I do not plan to throw caution to the wind on Sunday (a family party, in fact), despite the fact that my 21 days of ‘detox’ will be behind me. I feel really good right now, and I don’t want to throw that feeling away. I plan to ease back into things, but not all things at once.

This is not me

Feel good or eat donuts? Hmmm….

It’s time to consider how I’ve felt over the last three weeks; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • What did I miss when I started?
  • What do I still miss?
  • Has it gotten easier?
  • How important are the foods that I’ve given up?
  • How easy would it be to keep excluding foods that I suspect aren’t the best for me?
  • Do I suspect, based on the past 21 days, that some foods are causing me issues?
  • How bad? Is it worth eliminating them or just minimizing them?
  • Are any of the excluded foods standing in the way of my goals?
  • Can this be addressed while still allowing the food in my diet? To what degree?

There are lots of questions here, and I’m sure there are more than just these considerations to… um… consider.

I’ll be writing again, soon. Sunday marks not just the end of this experiment, but the beginning of family holiday meals! Always a challenge, and one I hope to conquer my own way, and still enjoy in the process!

Talk soon!


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