a great opportunity…

I’m really not comfortable with marketing.

I’ve tried several times to write something clever here, only to delete it and start again. The bottom line is this thing is a really good value, so I’m going to try one more time.


Please write ______!

Our readers often ask us to write some very specific things, which is actually how the 30 Day of Real Food and The Real Food Reset came to be; via your demands suggestions!

Do you know what the number one book we get asked to write? Smoothie recipes.

#2 is a kettlebell training book.

#3 is a bodyweight follow up to Man on Top.

Well, we are writing fast and furiously, but unfortunately, these three topics keep getting pushed to the back burner while we work on our current commitments (which you will absolutely love, by the way).

Like you, we only have 168 hours in the week, so we can’t do everything, so we look around for great resources that you can use to eat well and move well!


Enter The Muscle Collective

I know, weird name, right? Galina and are are rarely associated with building pure muscle, although we both do have muscles. We’re more about eating well, moving well, leaning out, getting healthy, and cooking some amazing dinners, right?

About a week ago, we were asked if we’d like to participate in the Muscle Collective bundle (a collection or ‘box set’ of great 36 products), and when I looked at the names on the list, I was truly honored to be invited. In fact, our good friend Dr. Mike T. Nelson is on the list! We just presented on the same stage at The Fitness Summit with Mike!

So, we said yes, and for a couple of great reasons, right off the bat; there’s an awesome smoothie recipe book, two home based kettlebell training books (including videos) from kettlebell master Steve Maxwell, and some great bodyweight training books. Basically the things you keep asking for, so…

In fact, there are products in here that we have purchased ourselves (like the awesome smoothie book, for instance)!


Is it for me?

Whether you want to lean out, train at home, master the kettlebell, increase your mobility, get strong, or build muscle, this has what you need.

Even if Galina and I can’t crank out the things you need at the rate we’d like, at least we can point you to the tools you need at a good value.

Get this great bundle of courses, books, and products while you can for only $37, which is 97% off the price of everything included.

Heck, even if you only use a few of these great products, you’ve still gotten an amazing deal!

Click here, or the picture below for the full list of everything included, including a Q&A Workshop with the Ben Greenfield, top triathlete, running coach, nutrition expert, and the NSCA’s Top Personal Trainer.

Do act now, because it’s only available for a few more days.

the muscle collective bundle

On a personal note, it’s really cool to see our book, Man on Top, surrounded by books by great names such as Steve Maxwell, Mike T Nelson, Nick Tumminello, Mark Sisson, and Ben Greenfield! Truly an honor!


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