8 reasons I forgive you

for even having egg whites…


Not a week goes by that I don’t hear someone tell me that they are eating egg white omelettes or just not eating eggs because of the yolks.

Get over it. Eggs and egg yolks are not only NOT bad for you, but can actually be good for you.

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8 reasonable reasons to actually have egg whites around in the first place

Most of them involve having used the yolks to cook something else, and none of them involve buying a carton of egg whites.


1. You made Hollandaise sauce, last night – It goes great on asparagus or Brussels sprouts, but even eggs and fish are tasty with this three ingredient Hollandaise Sauce.


2. You used the yolk in your meatloaf – If you can’t do bread crumbs, it seems that an egg yolk or two, plus some nut flour improves the bite of the loaf.


3. You made mayonnaise – I’ve only done it once. I don’t eat enough mayo to make it worth it, but it was really good!


4. You wondered what aïoli is and finally made it – aïoli is like mayo, but with more flavor, and made with olive oil. It goes great with veggies or lean meat, fish, and poultry.

the creamiest aioli at bon appetite

the creamiest aioli at bon appetite (.com)

Here’s a good aïoli recipe at bon appetite. Note: I use light olive oil or macadamia nut oil instead of grapeseed oil, because who has grapeseed oil?


5. You got tired of marinara on your spaghetti squash and made alfredo sauce, instead – Yes, Fettucine Alfredo is a calorie bomb, but replacing the pasta with spaghetti squash goes a long way to reduce the calorie payload. You have to get fat from somewhere, to make it count and make it tasty.


6.   …even better, spaghetti squash carbonara!Bam! A nice recipe from Emeril Lagasse.


I’m not a fan of desserts every day

…but when you do do dessert, do it right.


7. You are about to make meringues – Meringue Madness!


8. What is a Pot de Creme, anyway? It’s basically custard, but fancy – Earl Grey Pot de Creme


Bonus from Galya

9. You’re allergic to yolks


Bonus from Roland

10. You haven’t used up the last carton that you bought when you still thought egg whites were a good choice.


Look, if you love egg whites, eat them, but don’t be afraid of the yolk, either. Personally, I’d prefer my protein to come from something else if I can’t eat the whole egg. While eggs are inexpensive, the math on egg whites doesn’t usually add up; you might as well eat something else.



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