little girl forced to clean her plate

You’re not leaving the table until you clean your plate.

Moms throughout history have said…

“You’re not leaving the table until you finish your plate.”

“I didn’t pay for that dinner for you to waste it.”

“Eat the rest. There’s not enough food to save.”

These are just three of the sayings that lead us to eat more than we should.

We eat more than we need.

Often more than we actually want to.

It’s not your mom’s fault, and it’s not your fault.

These ‘clean your plate’ sayings make no sense.

little girl cleaning her plate

Unless you consider your instincts.

Even a couple of hundred years ago we didn’t always know when our next meal was going to be.

It made sense to never waste food whenever you had the chance to eat it.

Not today.

Your mom’s instincts and training were passed down to her, just as they’ve been passed down to you, even if you don’t consciously know it.

Our instincts were designed to save us. To protect us. To keep us alive.

And they did, but some of them aren’t changing fast enough.

They need our conscious help to bring them into the modern world.

Our instincts brought us this far,  so thank them, and then tell them you’ll take it from here.

Break the cycle of overeating

A few reminders that should help.

● There’s no minimum size for leftovers if you think about it differently.

Even small amounts of leftovers are great in salads, bowls, or tacos.

Or even as a snack.

● You don’t save money by eating all the food at a restaurant.

No one pays for dinner out because it’s a good value. You eat out to enjoy the experience.

Besides, if you save it for the next meal, that’s when you save money, right?

● And actually, leaving the table BEFORE you finish your plate is a great strategy to stop eating more than you want to.

Better yet, take your plate to the kitchen, and save the leftovers for tomorrow.

The cycle of habits and myths that lead to overeating started long before you and your mom were even born.

It can take time, practice, and support, but you can have the power to override your instincts

They got us here — they got you here — but you no longer need them, so thank them, then break the cycle.

When you’re ready, here are three ways we can help.

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Talk soon,

Roland (and Galina, too)

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