What’s the next book?

When’s our next book?

We get asked these questions a lot.

Truth be told, Gal and I are always writing books, and it’s not always easy to tell which is the next book.

Books take time, concentration, passion, and focus to be done right, and as anyone who’s worked on a big project knows, they can take their toll on sleep, diet, fitness, and health. It must be worth it; to us and to a reader.

Another truth is that we probably have too many books in the works at any given time, and sometimes the time isn’t quite right to single out the next book.

Why haven’t we written the sequel to Man on Top?

Why haven’t we cranked out that oft asked for cookbook?

What’s our criteria for writing our next ‘masterpiece?’

Here are a few things that we consider, in no particular order, along with some book suggestions, examples, and recommendations to tide you over until we get off our butts and write! 😉

…and just a note that I only recommend books that I write, like, love, or find valuable, and if you click on the pics, below, you’ll go to the recommended books via the Amazon affiliate link.



You have to really love it to write it, you know?

When you put your heart and soul into something, I think it shows.

Man on Top on Amazon

Yes, we’re sometimes asked about a sequel, but Man on Top is a system, and other than giving you a cool title (which we do have), more workouts,  and more recipes, what do you need to know?

Seriously, what do you need to know? Men (and women) who have finished Man on Top are now living the ‘lifestyle’ that they created for themselves while reading our book.



Some books take a lot of research, and you gotta get that shit right, right?

If we don’t feel confident enough in our story today, and have the references to back it up, we just write it under an assumed name we keep researching until we can do it right.

There are plenty of books out there that mean well, but lose credibility because their pudding lacks proof.

We wanted to write The Real Food Reset for years, but instead, took our time, got it right, and then published when we knew we could back it up with that stuff that our readers like to call ‘science.’

The Real Food Reset on Amazon.com

When you ask someone to consider eating differently, even for just 30 days, you have to have your facts straight!



If I could draw we would likely have more books out already! Gal can draw, but not the way we want for our first bathroom reader. Yes, I want to write a bathroom book, but do you realize know how many good bathroom books are picture books?

Visual art is not my talent, and too many of my book ideas would be better served by a true artist.

A great book about poop on Amazon.com

I’m sure when the passion strikes, we’ll find that perfect artist/illustrator friend and find we have a new collaborator who’s willing to sink to my level.



Do you know how long it takes to perfect a recipe?

The mere 50 recipes in Man on Top, took tons of trying, tasting, and retrying  to get right, and those were so simple a caveman man could cook them!

I’ve watched Galina and Diana work tirelessly to perfect, cook, and photograph their recipes for their books in Bulgaria, and I would actually wish that work on my enemies.

Besides, there are many great cookbooks already out there, and when they’ve got it, they’ve got it.

Well Fed on Amazon.com

Well done.



A book needs to be important enough to read to be imporant enough to write.

We don’t write books just to write books. I’m not writing to hear myself type. There are books out there that teach you to cook and do it well. Books that teach you how to swing a kettlebell.  Books that teach you about your food; where it comes from and the stories behind it. Important topics. Important books.

Death by Food Pyramid on Amazon.com

Done well.


So what’s next?

Our next big book is in the works!

It’s outlined, and it’s our primary focus right now.

He Said, She Said meets Choose your Own Adventure meets Baby Steps!

We love it already, and we can’t wait to start sharing!


Talk later!

Roland (and Galina, who’s not here today, but better be writing, wherever she is!)


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