Rocket, Watermelon, & Feta Salad

Rocket is another name for arugula, but I think rocket sounds cooler. Since this is a cooling summer salad, ‘cool’ seems appropriate.


Summer is over

Technically, summer is winding down summer is over, but since we live in Southern California, summer often seems to linger on. We still have tasty watermelon, and I have a ton of basil, and cucumbers to use up. When I got invited up to Lisa Wolfe’s Miracle Fitness (bring a dish) for an afternoon get together, I though this would be a great fit.


Rocket, Watermelon, & Feta Salad

rocket arugula basil cucumber feta salad

Serves 4-8 (people really should eat larger salads)



6 cups cubed watermelon

4 Persian cucumbers or 1 large cucumber

2-3 tbsp chiffonade of basil (about 8 large leaves, cut into chiffonade)

2 tbsp olive oil

juice of 1/2 lime (or 2 tbsp vinegar)

4 oz feta cheese, crumbled

7 oz arugula (a typical bag of rocket is 7 ounces)

Himalayan salt to taste



Cut watermelon into bite size cubes, and slice Persian cucumbers into small wheels. If using larger cucumbers, you may wish to peel them and chop them into bite size pieces.

Sliver basil into a chiffonade (or just mince it), and stir in the olive oil and juice or vinegar. Toss the dressing with the watermelon, cucumbers, and 3/4 of the feta cheese. Salt to taste.

Gently fold in the arugula, and top with the remaining feta cheese.

Eat, and make it a larger serving of salad than you usually would.


…and by the way

It was suggested, as I was tossing the salad, that ‘Galya was rubbing off on me.’

Excuse me?

I will remind many of you that I’ve been cooking and creating recipes (even girly ones), for 28 years! This is simply ridiculous! I stole the idea from the restaurant, BJ’s!

But my version is better.

So there. 😏


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