The Denzel Center for People Who Can’t Poop Good

And who wanna learn to do other stuff good too*

Poop is an ugly subject, and it should be. Just look at it.

No wait, I’m trying to get over that.

“Remember, Roland, not everyone puts pants on the same way, but everyone poops!” – Anonymous or me talking to myself, you decide

True. True.

Happy Anniversary, Darling!

A couple of years ago, I gave Galina a Squatty Potty for our Anniversary, and we’ve never looked back. …although I did at first. Truthfully, I was looking over my shoulder for the first few days, just in case she might hit me. It was a great gift, right?

But I digress…

I’ve been meaning to write a bit about the beauty of the Squatty Potty for some time, but Galina did a great job already, just not here. She wrote it for her local studio’s site, and I’ll link to that, below.

Yes, we have a Squatty Potty, but we don’t talk about it much. I don’t, anyway. Poop should be seen and not heard. Wait. That’s not right.

I’ll admit that this is tougher for me than it is for a lot of people. I don’t have great hip mobility, and my ankles are not very mobile. Both are required for a good squat, but let that not be your barrier. There are ways to use a Squatty Potty that do NOT require you to squat precariously over the toilet, at a height that’s not only dangerous for you, but invites ‘splash back.’ Disgusting, right?

Consider Galina’s article a lesson to…

Get Your Body Squatty Potty Ready!

I don’t know what the building above is now, but a man can dream, can’t he? Until we launch the Denzel Center for People Who Can’t Poop Good (and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too), Galya’s video lesson (link below) is your ticket to your best movement possible.

You can do it.

…poop good!

Now, check out Galya’s post, including some amazing videos, like this one.

Happy Baby & The Squatty Potty

…over on MoveWell Health and Restorative Exercise, the website for her local studio.


movewell studio cropped-logo-blog

Squatty Potty for Beginners

by Galina Denzel

I clearly remember the day the squatty potty became a part of our lives. I went to the bathroom, only to see a strange plastic piece in front of the toilet, with a note: “How about that for a sh**ty gift?”

My husband, a man of humor and love for health, had made the purchase for me. I tried to pretend no feedback was expected over the next few days. There isn’t much poop talk in our home – we have good poops and we aren’t obsessing with impoving them. How about sleep? Or productivity? Let’s talk about something that really needs improving.

Enough poop bragging. I was already sold on the squatty potty – I will take up any chance to move more!

Read more at MoveWellStudio…


* For those of you ‘out of the loop,’ this is a reference to Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Don’t Read Good.

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