A new article, a simple chili recipe from a friend, a good cause, & some book news.

New article on MindBodyGreen.com

It’s tongue in cheek, but so many gluten-free dieters rely on packaged gluten-free foods that’s it’s an important reminder that the best gf foods don’t come with a gluten-free label! My 8 Favorite Types Of Gluten-Free Food (on MindBodyGreen.com)   mindbodygreen gluten free foods

But what about gluten free treats?

That’s the question that’s still posed by my clients who’s doctors have prescribed gluten-free diets, and here’s my answer… Pancakes, bread, muffins, and other processed foods should be minimized, gluten free or not, and shouldn’t be the basis of a healthy diet. Note that some people affected by gluten can still be negatively affected by other grains, gluten or no gluten. Gluten free treats are just that; treats. Like I’ve written before, a healthy diet is a diet should be 90% Real Rood, which shouldn’t be processed, boxed, and labeled. Once you’ve got that under control, there’s no reason why the other 10% can’t be more relaxed, but still gluten free.

A simple chili recipe from a friend

I’m still learning Twitter, but I am also learning that you can meet people there and learn stuff, too! In a recent exchange, we had a recipe swap! My Chili Colorado and SweetGeekGoddess’s Chili Con Carne. Her recipe looks delicious and simple, and I plan to make it this weekend. Chili Con Carne TheFitInk readers should swap extra veggies or salad greens for the tortillas when fat loss or digestive health is a current goal. …or you are of the ‘paleo’ or low carb bent.

A good cause

We are friends with some chicken farmers, and they are taking their farm to the next level! They already raise the chickens as nature intended. The chickens roam free in the sun, and eat what they can scratch from the earth (bugs, anyone?).  As a result, the chickens and eggs are healthy, which means better health for YOU when you eat them! I urge you to support this project: Let’s Build a Farm Together! primal pastures let's build a farm together BTW, if you happen to be in Southern California, I urge you to include an option that includes the farm tour! I will be touring the farm (again) and would LOVE to meet you! Let me know!

Some book news (Nook, Kobo, iBooks, etc.)

The Real Food Reset, 25 Minutes to Fit, and Lose Weight Today! are now on Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, iBooks, and more! Man on Top is coming soon, but today it’s available on Kindle and Paperback via Amazon. Kobo Barnes & Noble Nook Apple’s iBooks Amazon (Kindle and Paperback) By the way, Lose Weight Today is free most places, and only 99 cents on Amazon (Amazon won’t let you give it away). Lose Weight Today! is a good intro to my style and nutrition philosophy, so I hope you’ll share it with family and friends!

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