Things to listen to while walking #5

Everyone loves to sleep, so why won’t people sleep more?


This week’s walking podcast is Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution Podcast, and features Dr. Kurt Parsley, former Navy SEAL, currently Doctor to SEALs, and an expert on sleep and hormones.


The Paleo Solution Podcast? Don’t let the podcast name scare you!

At least not this episode; it’s not all just meat and no wheat! Robb does a great job getting lifestyle and health experts on the show, as is evidenced by the recently interviewed Katy Bowman (on movement, walking, etc.)

Now, it’s Doc Parsley’s turn to talk sleep and its importance to health and hormones.



  • Sleep
  • SEALs
  • Why you need more sleep
  • SEAL stuff
  • Why are your hormones all whack? (need a hint, sleepy head?)
  • SEAL jokes
  • More sleep stuff

I hope you enjoy listening to this week’s podcast, now get out there and walk!


Download the podcast

You can listen, download, or signup via iTunes at Episode 228 – Dr. Kirk Parsley


Here are two kittens to show you how awesome sleep can be!

cats sleeping 1341079_58916389




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