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Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well wins the Foreword INDIE Gold

We are so thrilled, happy, and honored that our book, Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well – 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week has won the Gold in this year’s Foreword INDIE Awards!

The list of nominees was long and distinguished, and some of our friends, mentors, and heroes were in the running right there with us. Our friend and mentor Katy Bowman’s Movement Matters took a Gold in Essays and our health hero Mark Sisson’s The New Primal Blueprint took a Bronze in Health.

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well

Affectionately called EatMoveLive52 by the authors, Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well is a simple, baby steps way to lead a healthier life, starting right now!

Practical and Actionable

• Better posture and alignment

• Move better through walking, light exercise, and natural movement

• Stress less and get better sleep, rest, and relaxation

• Cook better, simpler, healthier

• Build your support network and find your tribe

• Baby steps to simple, powerful changes to your health, your happiness, and your life!

Read it front to back, flip to your favorite topic, or choose between the two suggestions at the end of each chapter, choose-you-own-adventure-style.

The only wrong way to read the book is not read it at all!

52 Ways to Feel Better In a Week

With 52 chapters covering 52 topics and 275 practical, actionable tips, Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well gives you all you need to start now and start to feel “better in a week!”

EatMoveLive52 meets you where you are – from the health novice to the fitness obsessed to the professional trainer or health coach – Practical and useful,  super simple advice, with humor, humility, and a solid scientific foundation.

Whether you’re already living a healthy lifestyle or are ready to turn over a new leaf, you’re going to find an exciting new path in Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well!

Knowledgeable Coaching

International health coaches Galina and Roland Denzel, authors of The Real Food Reset and founders of have helped hundreds of clients achieve their health goals through simple solutions based on small changes. Now they’ve brought together their collective experience and expertise in this comprehensive new book.

Get healthier and get happier every day with guidance from two of the most knowledgeable coaches in the industry.

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well wins the Foreword INDIE Gold

Foreword INDIE Gold Award Health EatMoveLive52“Awarding the INDIES is always the highlight of our year, when we get to honor talented authors and great books that are ordinarily overlooked by mainstream publications,” said Howard Lovy, Foreword Reviews’ executive editor. “While they don’t have major PR machine or corporate budgets, these indie publishers are passionate about what they do, take chances, and produce a wide range of thought-provoking books.”

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well – 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week

Foreword Reviews, a media company focusing on independently published books, announced the winners of its INDIES Book of the Year Awards today during the American Library Association’s Annual Conference in Chicago. The awards recognize the best books published in 2016 from small, indie, and university presses, as well as self-published authors. You can view all of the winners at: Foreword INDIE Reviews Awards



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