coffee would never quit you

Coffee gets a bad rap, and we aim to change that!

In fact, coffee has health benefits for many people.

Yet people often tell me they’ve been meaning to quit. For no clear cut reason.

Stop feeling guilty because you haven’t quit yet.

Sure, you can drink too much. It can keep you awake. But…

“Coffee would never quit you.”

Stop vowing to quit just because you heard coffee was bad.

At least find out if it actually is, first.

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We’ve written quite a bit about coffee, and you can find our work below.

In fact, Chapter 13 of our latest book is called “Drink coffee. Not too much. Mostly black.”

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Now read on and keep checking back, and remember our motto…

drink coffee. not too much. mostly black.

As promised, here are some of our best articles relating to coffee (and health, too).

Just remember, coffee can have health benefits

Yes, that’s right, good coffee has health benefits for many people.

Unless you drink too much and add in too much garbage.

Yes, it’s true, you can drink too much coffee. You can have too much caffeine. And if you have high cholesterol you need to watch the amount of unfiltered coffee you drink.

Fun fact, coffee is often the number one source of anti-oxidants for many people.

Despite it’s caffeine content, coffee itself can be part of a ritual that’s calming and increases productivity.

Even for people who are easily hyped up or those struggling with their health and weight, there are good alternatives to outright stopping this glorious drink.

Today, there are good quality decaf roasts, and there’s plenty to love in black coffee, or even coffee with a bit of cream.

Drink coffee. Not too much. Mostly black.


Roland & Galina

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