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25 Minutes to Fit – The Home Based Workout Plan to Get Lean and Fit in Less Time Than You Think!

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No gym? No problem.

Workout at home, at the gym, anywhere, anytime.

• Minimal equipment

• A full workout in under thirty minutes

• Lose fat, build muscle, get healthy, lean, and fit!

Just one simple dumbbell set or kettlebell needed.

There’s no need to workout 5-6 times per week when all you can get fit working out just twice per week.

A great workout, at home, in as little as 25 minutes just a few times per week

The single biggest barrier to getting in shape is the lack of time to get to a gym. People are busy, and spending hours working out is a low priority.

Bodybuilding magazines might tell you to hit the gym 5-6 times per week, but there’s no science behind those claims, especially when it comes to getting fit, healthy, and lean.

2-3 workouts a week is plenty!

But is 25 minutes even enough?

Absolutely. The truth is you’ve been lied to.

It’s not about how much time you spend working out, but about smart, efficient exercise choices designed to target the results you want.

You can get great results in less than 30 minutes by pairing complementary exercises and eliminating the fluff.

25 Minutes to Fit gets you fit in the minimum amount of time

Full workouts, pictures and instructions for all exercises, plus links to free downloads, printable workout logs, nutrition guidance, and more!.

Get 25-Minutes to Fit now, and start seeing results today!

Considering the ebook, but not sure?

Most ebook workouts have hard to follow training plans because of the small screens, but not this one!

25 Minutes to Fit contains links to downloadable, printable workout logs and nutrition resources.

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