Thank you for attending the SS Mom’s Summit and my interview!

You may wonder, why a collection of recipes? As you know from my interview with the lovely RayAnn, healing starts from the inside out. All aspects of our being need nourishment – and no matter how great your exercise program is, nutrition plays an important role in providing the foundation of success. Whether your intention is to reduce stress, increase endurance, lighten up,  sleep better, or just reclaim your vibrant energy – change needs nutrients.

Preparing your own food using seasonal vegetables helps in several ways:

  • it increases the likelihood of actually eating enough veggies
  • it allows the consumption of a rich variety of vegetables and maximizes nutrient profile
  • it sets aside valuable time to prioritize yourself in the midst of a busy life
  • it sets an example for your children and loved ones
  • it provides natural carbohydrates, packed together with fiber, which decreases appetite, helps sugar cravings and restores the microbiome

My thank you gift to you, “Vegetable Inspirations” is below.

Just click here, or on the picture below, and we’ll send you the recipes via email!

Just click here, or on the picture above, and we’ll send you the recipes via email!

If you paid careful attention to my interview with RayAnn, you also heard that three of you can enter a contest and win a copy of our Real Food Reset program – a 30 day online course to help you kick cravings, lighten up and feel great!

To enter the contest on Instagram: Take a picture of your favorite real food and tag @galinadenzel and RayAnn @greenfit_goddess and #ssmomsummit2018 I will choose the three winners at the end of the week!

Thank you for participating and be well!

Galina Denzel