Roland a guest on Low Carb Conversations Podcast #100

I was thrilled to be invited to join Jimmy Moore and Dietitian Cassie for their 100th episode of Low Carb Conversations!

Important health news

The invited guests were each asked to talk about an important health trend or news item from the last two years, when the show kicked off. There has been a lot of great news to cheer about, like the great news that eggs are now considered healthy, or that saturated fat is not (and never was) the demon that we’ve been told! Yes, that’s right, eggs are healthy (even the yolks) and saturated fat was NEVER bad for us! True fact!

The guests talk about so many great things in health news, so I recommend you listen just for all of that, but eventually you’ll get to my portion, where I talk about a great diet and health book called The Daniel Plan, by Pastor Rick Warren, and Doctors Mark Hyman and Daniel Amen.

The diet is not revolutionary, but it doesn’t need to be; it’s a good, solid, real food based diet plan filled with the things that we focus on right here on our blog and in our books. Yes, the food is great, and very realistic for the whole family, but where The Daniel Plan really shines is in the way it incorporates Food, Fitness, Focus, Friends, and Faith.

Galya and I have long recognized the need for things beyond mere diet and exercise if you want to succeed in your long term health goals, and this book does a great job of bringing these things together by encouraging mental focus and clarity, planning and goal setting, friends, family and support systems, and in this case tying it all together with Faith.

As is commonly said, the best diet is the one you can stick with, and for Christians The Daniel Plan could be just the ticket!

Enjoy your day, and I hope you enjoy the podcast!


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