Recommended Podcast List


I listen to a lot of podcasts.

Other than an audiobook, there’s no better way to multitask than to listen, learn, and move, all at the same time.

The Eat Well Move Well Recommended Podcast List

  • These are listed in no particular order. One day I’ll organize them, but not today.
  • Not all links are to a pretty podcast page. Some shows are amazing, yet have no subscribe buttons or subscribe links so I do what I can to give you the best link.
  • If you still can’t find it, paste the name of the podcast into your app and hope for the best.
  • If you have a favorite that’s not on the list, shoot me an email at and complain tell me about it!

Eat Well Move Well Podcast – Yes, this is the podcast I do with Galina, but maybe it’s new to you, so here it is. Of course, it’s on the top of the list because of quality. No favoritism. 😉

The Living Experiment Podcast – Dallas Hartwig and Pilar Gerasimo talk about the fundamentals (and finer points) of being a healthy person in an unhealthy world.

Bee The Wellness Podcast – Vanessa and Adam Lambert are another husband and wife coaching team offering realistic, real-life information. Adam is a firefighter, so the stress is real, for instance.

The Latest in Paleo – Hey, it’s barely paleo at all, so don’t let that scare you. Angelo takes a very open minded approach to food, exercise, movement, stress. …life. A mix of interviews and health news, this is one stop shopping for your health listening needs.

Revolutionary You! Podcast – Follow the link to the episode that Jason did with Galina and me, because of course that’s the best place to start. 😉 You’ll also find great shows with Leigh Peele and Dr. Spencer Nadolsky.

The Daily Lipid Podcast – Chris Masterjohn, PhD has always been a voice of reason (VOR) to me. I start you with one of the later episodes, where he talks way too much common sense about calories (and the reality of them) and how he found that he’d gained a lot of weight, then lost it. …but only when it was the right time.

The Fitcast Podcast – The Fitcast is a fitness, sports performance, and strength focused podcast, but delves into habits and mindset, too. Kevin Larrabee has been podcasting longer than most people knew what a podcast even was. 400 episodes and counting! I linked you to Georgie Fear’s episode, because she’s one down to earth health coach!

Katy Says Podcast – Katy Bowman and Dani Hemmat talk body mechanics, movement nutrition, natural movement, and how movement can be the solution to modern ailments we all experience. Good stuff, all around, and their message applies to everyone, from regular Joe to weekend warrior to athlete.

HumanOS Radio Podcast – Dan Pardi is a sleep expert and researcher who hosts conversations with researchers whose work informs us about some aspect of how we live, entrepreneurs who are translating science into solutions, and investors making bets to predict (and support) the major future influencers on health. This stuff is of the future of health!

That’s the list (so far)

I know it’s not done, and never will be. If you have a favorite that’s not on the list, shoot me an email at and tell me about it!