Peace with Food – a 1 day urban retreat

Dear friends,

it’s my pleasure and honor to personally invite you to my 1 day Urban Retreat in RSM.

This is a very special small group workshop format for learning the effective tools that help you  reframe your history with food, access the freedom available within the self-healing powers of the nervous system and really live with confidence, a sincere authentic connection to yourself and the world.

If you are ready for a change and want clarity about where thoughts, behaviors, judgements and your history with food stand in the way, this one day will give it to you.

Here is a little bit about the format, the schedule and some extra housekeeping details:


The outcome of this group work is to transform and reclaim a new relationship with food. It’s to uncover the deep patterns that drive feeding or not feeding behaviors (yes, you will find eating and restricting are two sides of the same pattern) and to give you back the freedom to enjoy life, your relationship with yourself and the opportunities to eat, have fun, grow and feel right in your body!

Ultimately, you will not only KNOW, but feel and live the truth that it’s not about the food. In fact, very little of our time during this one day transformational event is ever spent on talking and working with food, we dive deep into the unconscious patterns and survival physiology that guides the behaviors. We move through it personally, and as a group! We find freedom.


The format is a group session format, with lecture, discussion, self and group inquiry and small group and couples exercises. The exercises can range from talking, to drawing, writing, doing gentle movement, self touch or supportive touch, quiet reflection and meditation. All exercises are fun, playful and gentle and require no previous experience. I will be providing all materials for the exercises.


We will begin at 9 am promptly, as it is a day filled with transformative work.

We will have one 15 minute morning break, a 90 min lunch break and another 15 minute afternoon break.

We will finish at 5 pm.


Please stay for the delicious lunch, as lunch time is a part of our Peace with food active practice.

If you have any dietary restrictions, please email me at, so I can ensure a special meal for you. I will not be using any gluten or artificial fats, frying or sugar in preparing the meals. The menu will be Ayurvedic with a balance of fresh food, cooked veggies, herbs and spices. There will be choices of lean protein to add to the veggies. There will be flavorful drinks, both cold and warm and plenty of nuts, fruit, crackers, and dips to snack on during the day.


Make sure you are dressed comfortably. We will sit  chairs, the floor, cushions, stand and move around. Layer up as you may get warm and then cool off. A nice warm cover like a shawl is great for the quiet practices. Bring your own reusable container for water, if you wish. I will encourage you to have plenty of healthy snacks and liquids throughout the day, as working with the nervous system requires fuel, electrolytes and hydration. Bring a notepad to take notes. Above all bring your curiosity and openness! Bring your dreams and aspirations! Get ready to connect the mind, heart and gut!


The cost includes your one day retreat, delicious healthy lunch and snacks. It also includes
a one month complementary membership to my brand new Pure Belonging platform – an online support platform for emotional and physical health for women of all ages.

If you have not made your payment yet, you can give me a check in person, mail it to my office , or complete your payment online.

Please use this link to pay the full $149

Please use this link to pay the three installments of $55, starting now.

The address of the home we will be in is in the final email you will receive before the day.

May you be well and I look forward to our precious transformative time together!

Until then, if you have any questions or would like to share anything with me, please email me at