Less is more this weekend


Happy Friday, everyone! This weekend, take some time to do more with less.

Less processed, more natural!


Consume Less Processed Food

Cereal, crackers, candy, soda, frozen dinners, and hamburger helper, etc.


Consume More Real, Unprocessed Food

Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, nuts, fish, seeds, etc.


Consume Less Processed Movement

Treadmills, elliptical machines, weight stacks, ab machines, etc.


Consume More Natural Movement

Walk, climb, crawl, jump, run, swim, tumble, cartwheel, sit on the ground, skip, fall, get back up again, etc.


Consume Fewer Processed Experiences

Television, computer, tablets, and any device that begins with a lower case ‘i,’ contains a droid, or isn’t really a window, despite the name.


Consume More Natural Experiences

Talk, walk, sit, watch, daydream, think, draw, write, sing, create.


Enjoy the weekend!

Don’t get caught up in the true meanings of ‘natural’ and ‘processed;’ keep to the spirit and enjoy the weekend!


Roland & Galina


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