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Eat Well, Move Well Podcast #7 – Special guest Autumn Dreessen, RD

Registered Dietitians, labeling confusion, and more…

dirty dozen clean fifteen environmental working group

What did we talk about? Shopping tour shenanigans, and what’s up with the labels, like natural, organic, fat free, sugar free, low carb, grass-fed, grain-fed, vegetarian fed meats and poultry, and more. Organic vs Natural

What’s the deal with Registered Dietitians? What they learn in school, on the job training, and the need to do your own research and reading, even if you’re an RD, and one RD’s opinion on carbs and sugars for diabetics.

Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen – Every year, the Environmental Working Group publishes their ‘dirty dozen’ worst offenders when it comes to pesticides, and their ‘clean fifteen’ which is their list of produce lowest in pesticides. Check out the latest list: Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen.  This year, it’s the Dirty Dozen, plus! That can’t be good…

We also talked about Movement as a Way of Life vs organized training or planned exercise. Examiner Article

Why it may be better to workout less, not more. Just a little less, don’t go crazy and get all lazy. NY Times

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eat well, move well podcast

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3 thoughts on “Eat Well, Move Well Podcast #7 – Special guest Autumn Dreessen, RD

  1. Robot-che

    Thumbs up and great job 🙂
    just one thing: please make sure the the audio is clear and articulate. There are some issues ( like # 5) with great quality and a pleasure to listen to. This time it’s like you are somewhere away from the microphone and one can hear u chatting among yourselves but not to one’s ears.

    That’s one thing to get even more of enjoying your podcast :))
    Love from Bulgaria

    1. Roland Denzel

      Yeah, sorry about the sound on some of these. Were new at this, but we are trying to improve. We are looking at ways that to make sure it sounds good and less distant and muffled. Now, articulate is another story altogether! 😉


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