Lisa’s Certification Fund


Dear friends,

As you know, it’s Lisa’s 50th birthday on December 23rd!

We’re writing you to let you know about an opportunity to rally around her and make this an unforgettable milestone!

Lisa is an incredible friend and mother, daughter and sister. She is one of the kindest, most selfless human beings we know and we hope we can help her build the life and work that help her bring her personal and professional gifts forth into the world.

What some of you may know is that Lisa has a Masters in Psychotherapy, but she hasn’t been able to create her career due to many life obstacles. But God is good and gives us opportunities to start again.

She has been presented with an opportunity to study and be able to become trained and certified as an equine assisted psychotherapist. This is a growing field in the psychotherapy world and Lisa has been researching steps to grow professionally and practice this as a long term career. She has also shadowed a therapist that practices this type of therapy and it solidified her desire to become certified.

When she speaks about this goal, the hope and joy in her voice is obvious, but unfortunately it’s out of her reach due to finances. It’s truly a dream out of her reach, but we know that together we can help her get there.

We want to encourage you to consider supporting Lisa to reach her financial goal. Please consider donating in lieu of birthday gifts. We want to be able to support her dream and help her get started on her career path.

Our goal of raising $5,000 will allow her to cover the cost of the program (5 days of training), airfare and hotel costs.

Thank you for considering supporting Lisa! We will keep you updated about the progress of the fundraiser and will be presenting the donations to her on her birthday on December 23rd.

To donate, please visit this link and contribute the amount you feel led to:

We want to honor and protect Lisa’s personal space, honor and self-confidence, so we kindly ask you that you don’t say anything to her.

If you have any questions or want to donate over the phone, please call Galina at 949 429 9800 🙂

Thank you!