Daan Timmers and the Paleo Expedition EatMoveLive52 Podcast

A Paleo Expedition on The EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Daan Timmers joins Galina & Roland to talk about her paleolithic adventure, living weeks in the woods, just like our ancient ancestors.

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Daan Timmers

Paleo Expedition Podcast

Lives on a historic sailing ship in the canals of downtown Amsterdam, right across from the NEMO Museum. Although, since the 2020 pandemic, she’s temporarily located her family to a secret river location, deep in the forests of the Netherlands!

Our interview with Daan:

  1. You are here to talk about your paleo expedition, but tell us first, what is your life like when not on expedition?
  2. How do you view natural movement and its place in your life as a movement educator, in your own life, as a parent?
  3. What are your sincere feelings about people’s interest and infatuation with the paleo diet in recent years?
  4. Tell us about the year you took to prepare for the expedition? What did you have to learn? How was the learning itself?
  5. Let’s dive in, and learn about the expedition itself: the mission, the day to day life, gathering and hunting, rest and energy, the collective space, movement….I would love to be a fly on the wall as you tell the story.
  6. I was really touched by you talking about the keeper of the fire. I will read a little passage you wrote about it here. Can you talk about your relationship to fire and water before and after the expedition?
  7. Tell me about your sense of our human activity effect on the environment – how did the expedition influence your view of our modern world?
  8. What was it like coming back and starting “life as usual”
  9. What was the effect of the expedition on your mental health, what did you learn, grow into or start to practice that you didn’t before?

Topics include:

  • Living on a historic ship in downtown Amsterdam
  • Relocating to get away from the unknowns of the quarantine
  • Preparing herself to live like paleo man
  • Living as our ancient ancestors
  • Oh no, a paleo period? Using spagnum moss instead of modern feminine hygiene products
  • Foraging, hunting, and having healthy stools
  • No clocks, coffee, wifi, phones, or modern addictions
  • Twelve days in the woods without shoes
  • Positive separation –  Time away from it all to take care of one’s self


Who is Daan Timmers?Daan Timmers Makes Fire

Daan loves being part of nature and shares this connection by homeschooling her 3 kids in nature as well as rewilding others to deepened their nature connection.

She offers a wild range of Earth Skills like ancients crafts, sit spots, games and stories.

With her tribe, she aims for a nomadic lifestyle roaming the water with their historical sailing boat.  She has been teaching Restorative Exercises for years for people to get connected to their bodies.

Now she takes people outdoors to experience Ancestral Movement hands-on.

I post my wild adventures at:

Daan Timmers on Facebook

Daan gaat Wild on Instagram





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