1. Hamstring active stretch – 2 sets of 10 on the left (left leg up) and 1 set on the right 


If you’d like the advanced version with stepping back you can do the first version in this video – 10 or so left for 2 sets and 1 set of 10 on the right

NOTE: make sure that the pelvis goes straight back and not rotate

2. Single leg balance with chair and wedges – 2-3 sets to mild fatigue – you can also bring the floating leg back behind you and reach it straight back with knee straight

You start in the same position as the double calf stretch with rotation, kneecaps dropped and ankle neutral.

You can see here in the photo of your foot that we have wedged the heel medially and the first met medially to help rotation. Picture


3. Suspension practice – warrior one – here is the video – remember the left hip hikes a bit and the right stretches down – 2 x 10 – please wedge like this with sand or wedges  – 

You can now add leaning to the left to this one – like this

4. Cogs seated or standing for the beach – STANDING VIDEO – 2 x 12SEATED VIDEO HERE

5. Squat with wedge under L heel – 2-3 sets of 4 or 5 VIDEO HERE

6. Short-foot exercise – 2 sets to fatigue on the left, 1 on the right to “teach” the left. You can also be playful and grab sand or grass as a fun time. VIDEO HERE

7. Airplanes – 2 sets on the left and 1 right VIDEO HERE


6. #4 stretch with active rotation – inhale down and exhale up with active oblique contraction – remember you don’t have to go down to the ground you can bolster the leg and bring yourself back up from half-way down towards the ground – again the goal is to engage obliques and not shear the ribcage – see video here

7. Hamstring stretch with wall – play with it as long as you enjoy VIDEO OF YOU HERE

8. Swiss ball roll to stretch the hamstrings – play with it as much as you like – VIDEO HERE


10. Obstacle course – VIDEO HERE


11. Stretch the Piriformis – VIDEO HERE  – please do both sides and work the one that feels more restricted – when we worked Wed you were more restricted going R you can also go in circles instead of straight to the side 

12. Plank practice VIDEO HERE


14. Ball roll for core activationVIDEO HERE – start with 3-5 breaths, move to 2-3 sets

15. Crawling with knees off floor – to fatigue – VIDEO HERE – start with 1 set, go to 2-3 and then 4 sets – please watch for that left foot to be straight up and be able to load the great toe

16. Down dog to knee tuck pattern – VIDEO HERE – 

Feel free to try this one once the crawling with knees off floor feels like you could do something harder


17. Spiral with wall and slide VIDEO HERE practice just on the left – perhaps 8-10 reps, 1-2 sets


18. Iliacus release on block or blanket rest in this position and relax

19. Balance and kneeling rotation – R knee down left leg forward – 2 x12  – you can use the black wedge like in the picture