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Free the Belly with Barbara Loomis

Free The Belly with Barbara Loomis

Pain in the belly can be more than food intolerances or illness. Trauma, scars, and even a life of relative… ...
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Roland and Galina Denzel EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Roland & Galina – Q&A and Your Personal Health Planner

Roland & Galina sit down to talk books, Q&A, and why the Personal Health Planner is the key to YOUR… ...
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Healthy Brain with Chef Annie Fenn, MD

With Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive conditions on the rise, it’s never been more important to take care of your… ...
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Why walking meditation?

I took up daily sitting meditation practice two years ago when I found the nature of my work shifting more… ...
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Ergonomics and long term health with Brandon Olin

As an ergonomics and employee wellness consultant, Brandon Olin help people and companies implement changes leading to long term improvements… ...
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Stop Emotional Eating

Interview with Galina Denzel Roland sits down and interviews Galina about emotional eating. We talk about the signs, the reasons… ...
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The Chill Holidays Podcast

Strategies to beat stress, overeating, and holiday weight gain The holidays can be a stressful time, but you don’t have… ...
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butternut squash recipe real food

Butternut Squash Recipes You’ve Never Tried Before

It’s squash season. If it wasn’t for fear or turning orange, I would serve squash in some shape or form… ...
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Bill hartman all gain, no pain

Bill Hartman – All Gain, No Pain – The Over-40 Man’s Gym Comeback Guide

Bill Hartman has the magic touch when it comes to feeling better, getting healthier, pain free, and more resilient, all… ...
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