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Be Focused with Lyn Christian

Time management. Todo lists. Still trouble getting things done? Lyn Christian joins us to talk about FOCUS  management, instead! ...
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10 Ways to Make Your Meals More Mindful

I’ve done my fair share of mindless eating. Maybe you have, too? Over the past few months, Galina and I… ...
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featured strawberry rhubarb

Strawberry rhubarb pudding

Mornings can be a real food test for many of us: I am usually out of the house by 7… ...
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Michael Bunker – Plain, but not simple

A deliberate life, pre-industral living, fermented foods, and REAL bacon! ...
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Want to feel lighter and have more energy?

A few months ago we did a survey and we asked our readers, students and podcast listeners about the kind… ...
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galina denzel movement as medicine summit

Movement as Medicine

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Movement as Medicine online summit, which starts Monday! It’s free, online, and… ...
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Calling all Moms!

For years, Galina has been helping moms and mothers-to-be – all around the world – get healthy and stay healthy… ...
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Spring clean

If you are in the Northern hemisphere, you are probably giddy with joy as you see buds coming out on… ...
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Everyday balance

Just about a week ago, at Be Well Summit, I spoke about Dynamic Aging – opening with the story of… ...
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Body friendly reading positions

Do you love to read? So do we! There is a beaver-dam-like installation of books on my side of the… ...
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