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Mr Mole Goes to Sleep book cover - Mike Jodie Nelson eatmovelive52

Mr Mole Goes to Sleep – The EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Our friends Dr. Mike T Nelson and Jodie Fabulous Nelson are a perfect example of ‘opposites attract.’ And their own… ...
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Is working off holiday meals a bad idea?

Is there an idea that sounds more appealing to us as humans as having a “balanced” life? This notion of… ...
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three steps to better gut health

3 steps to better gut health (that aren’t about food at all)

Many of our readers want better gut health, so they focus almost purely on what they eat, drink, and swallow… ...
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5 minute breaks for health and productivity

A time management method named after a tomato, working shorter, not longer, and  better health while getting more done ...
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Emotional Eating is Not About the Food – Emotional Eating 101

Focusing on food as the cause of emotional eating is a classic case of your defense mechanisms at their worst. Emotional… ...
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Self-sabotage self-care eatmovelive52 galina denzel

Self-Sabotage Is Not What It Seems

In fact, self-sabotage might be the most self-sabotaging term of all. No one, particularly your unconscious, is out to get… ...
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k aleisha fettters talks about the importance of self-care

Self-Care Matters with K. Aleisha Fetters

Our friend, author, health writer, and personal trainer Aleisha Fetters joins us to talk about self-care, how it started, how… ...
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Sane steps to meaningful morning self care

Do you have a hard time choosing what to do for self-care in the morning? Or just simply feel like… ...
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Movement as Medicine with Galina Denzel and Michelle Bouvier

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine what movement as medicine can do for your health! ...
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Write More by Writing Less

How tiny writing breaks can lead to greater focus, more words, and better books ...
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