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Roland Denzel Skill Based Weight Loss Coach

Weight loss coaching wins over dieting every time

Have you stopped to think about the difference between being on a diet and being an active participant in a… ...
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Dr Bryan Chung PhD on the EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Dear Dr Ninja with Dr Bryan Chung

Dr Bryan Chung is the not-so-secret advice columnist behind Dear Doctor Ninja Bryan is a methodologist and a surgeon who… ...
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June Is For Vitamin Outdoors

Cravings are part of being human, but cravings go far beyond hunger, thirst, family, and friends. The weather is nice,… ...
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Ecotherapy with Andrea Bell EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Ecotherapy with Andrea Bell

Earth Centered Therapy for Modern Day Growth and Healing Andrea Bell, LCSW joins the EatMoveLive52 Podcast to talk about how nature,… ...
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Restorative Breathing with Lois Laynee EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Restorative Breathing with Lois Laynee

Lois Laynee joins the EatMoveLive52 Podcast tell you how Restorative Breathing can help you think more clearly, and live a… ...
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Learn how to stand more

5 days to break free from your chair

Desks, chairs, cars, and all modes of sitting are here to stay. Computers, tablets and smartphones, too… ...
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Mr Mole Goes to Sleep book cover - Mike Jodie Nelson eatmovelive52

Mr Mole Goes to Sleep – The EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Our friends Dr. Mike T Nelson and Jodie Fabulous Nelson are a perfect example of ‘opposites attract.’ And their own… ...
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Is working off holiday meals a bad idea?

Is there an idea that sounds more appealing to us as humans as having a “balanced” life? This notion of… ...
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three steps to better gut health

3 steps to better gut health (that aren’t about food at all)

Many of our readers want better gut health, so they focus almost purely on what they eat, drink, and swallow… ...
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5 minute breaks for health and productivity

A time management method named after a tomato, working shorter, not longer, and  better health while getting more done ...
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