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The power of YES

As coaches, people often come to us with an expectation to give them more things to say NO to. Yet,… ...
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tighten your core when you dance

Should you “hold in” your abdominals when you dance?

I was sitting in a circle at a dance workshop, and people were sharing their experiences and asking questions that… ...
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Get Outdoors with the Unbreakable Kate Galliett

A coach and a lover of all things outdoors, the unbreakable Kate Galliett joins us to talk outdoor adventure, whether… ...
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Three ways we avoid making change

There’s a part of us wants to keep things exactly the way they are… ...
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strawberry lemonade

Strawberry basil lemonade

We just moved to higher altitude (5000 ft!) in May and the first few weeks we were so incredibly thirsty!… ...
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Peace with Food Online Webinar

The other day I asked this question on my Facebook wall: “What does peace with food look like to you?”… ...
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the art of emotional eating

The Art & Science of Emotional Eating with Josh Hillis

Coach & Author Josh Hillis helps people overcome emotional eating and finally lose weight. ...
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Zucchini with tahini

It’s spring, and summer squash is here – in the store, at farmers’ markets and sometimes in our CSA boxes… ...
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