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Move better, move to heal

Hey, when’s the last time you thought of movement being as important as nutrition? ...
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What no one told you about movement and digestion

Just because digestion is all about the food doesn’t mean it’s all about the food ...
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Make it stick – try this instead of resolutions

A week from now, at the beginning of 2020, I will be doing my annual planning ritual. l’ll be looking… ...
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Head and Neck Aching from Work?

Those of us who use computers and phones a lot tend to get head and neck aches. ...
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The trend free rd amy kubal registered dietitian

Nutrition Myths & Realities with Trend Free RD Amy Kubal

We’ve been fans of Amy Kubal’s humor and common sense nutrition for years, so when she said yes to joining… ...
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Stop a Cold with this Natural Cold Remedy

I’ve been living this healthy lifestyle for years, but I still catch colds no matter how healthy I am. Whether… ...
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Merry Christmas!

For Christmas we are hanging out in our kitchen, rolling dolmas for the feast! ...
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Health Books for the Holidays? Be careful, but do it anyway

Giving a diet book as a gift is dangerous, but if you’re careful you can give a book that’s healthy… ...
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improve digestion with exercise

Can you use time at work to improve your digestion?

Ask anyone how they take care of their digestion and you may get a range of answers – from taking… ...
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busting myths in physical therapy with susan mclaughlan

Busting Myths in Physical Therapy with Susan McLaughlin

We recently had physical therapist Susan McLaughlin on the EatMoveLive52 Podcast to bust some myths and help us to better… ...
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