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Zucchini blossom omelet – yes, really!

  It’s totally fine to eat flowers and don’t let anyone tell you different. And if you have doubts, then… ...
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A free workout program for the world’s busiest person – YOU!

  The single biggest barrier that I hear when it comes to getting into shape is the lack of time.… ...
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*%#*&%$! I left my lunch at home!

  I hate when that happens. It’s Monday, you haven’t shopped for good food, and all you see in your… ...
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Did wild rice end the cold war?

I asked this question in an interview with Danny Klecko for SPEZZATINO Magazine vol. 12. Getting the answer out of… ...
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Small changes, big results – the choices are yours

Eating lunch during the week is a huge diet hurdle for many of you. You eat at restaurants, cafeterias, and… ...
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10 veggies, no excuses

One of my first suggestions to clients is to start eating veggies at every meal, but you already-regular-veggie-eaters might be… ...
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Video: Survive your work week by sitting in style!

Watch this short video and learn the two fastest ways to improve your sitting style! You will feel better and… ...
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Why is it so hard to lose weight (and keep it off)?

Is the Big Mac to blame? I think most of us realize that obesity isn’t caused by just one thing,… ...
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5 Easy Steps To Start Losing Weight Today

My new article on Yahoo! Sports: “5 Easy Steps To Start Losing Weight Today”

Have you ever tried a diet and then stopped because it was too hard, you were too hungry, or something… ...
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Man on Top – Introduction

Galya just showed me this great technology that puts the paper experience to digital print. It’s called Issuu, and it… ...
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