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Hungry like the wolf

Hyperpalatable Foods, your insatiable appetite, and what you can do to control it! ...
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calories count, even if you never count them

Things to listen to while walking #1

Evidence Magazine Podcast, 5 Effective Ways to Eat Less w/ Stephan Guyenet ...
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Treadmill desks, your pelvic floor, and you!

Treadmill desks? …cuz sitting is the new smoking, remember? ...
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Walking after meals

Granted, people walk after big meals because they ate too much …and probably have gas! ...
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Souvlaki with tzatziki and chopped salad

 Quick to mix, easy to grill, souvlaki is a winner for warm weather! ...
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Roland a guest on Low Carb Conversations Podcast #100

I was thrilled to be invited to join Jimmy Moore and Dietitian Cassie for their 100th episode of Low Carb… ...
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Cheesecake in a Jar and more!

Look, if I’m cooking for her on Valentine’s Day, I’ll make something pretty, like cheesecake in a jar, but also… ...
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