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EatMoveLive52 Podcast Season 2, Episode 1

Cookbooks and cooking with fire Welcome to the new podcast season and the new podcast format! With Season 2 of… ...
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Women’s Health Summit – Free Online Women’s Health Event

Reclaim Your Health at the Free Online Women’s Health Summit I’m honored to present alongside 11 amazing women at the Women’s Health… ...
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Bedtime reading danger!

Five easy ways to save yourself and improve your health, energy, and sleep along the way. ...
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Gluten Free Book Event

I’m a big fan of Buck Books, and I’ve picked up some New York Times Bestsellers (Robb Wolf’s The Paleo… ...
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Hang in there – how indoor climbing may be your Friday night best choice

I had a super stressful week. Between handling work and personal pressures, looming deadlines and putting out daily small fires, a… ...
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Who’s kidding whom?

A flashback to my fat years I was listening to a podcast on one of my Friday walks, and an author… ...
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Carls Jr, Protein-Style! – The All-Natural Burger Lettuce Wrapped

In-N-Out calls it ‘protein style,’ Carls Jr calls is ‘low-carb,’ and McDonalds just gives you a weird look (but they’ll… ...
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Carl’s Jr All-Natural Burger Review

I can hear the eyes rolling from here.   Carl’s Jr recently launched an all-natural burger, and rather than health… ...
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