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Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

Everywhere you look, people talking ’bout cold brewed coffee, like it’s something new or something! It’s NOT new, but cold brew… ...
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I just don't care! (and you shouldn't either)

I don’t care about the Blue Diamond Almond Milk lawsuit

And neither should you.   Almond milk, of all things, is in the news and people are pissed. Blue Diamond,… ...
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10 Simple Ways to Walk More [Often]

I’ve drilled the need to walk into your head by now, right? The evidence is so clear that even the… ...
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Are bunions genetic?

We spent a whole day outdoors, enjoying the sun and walking in beautiful Dana Point harbor. We split up for… ...
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White Asparagus, the Flemish way!

Green and white asparagus are essentially the same plant – grown differently. ...
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Catch us on The Power of Detox!

Gal and I were recently interviewed for The Power of Detox, which is a free telesummit that starts June 2nd.… ...
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EatMoveLive52 Podcast with Katy Bowman Whole Body Barefoot – Season 2, Episode 2

Katy Bowman and Whole Body Barefoot Welcome back to our new podcast season! Today we welcome to the podcast our… ...
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EatMoveLive52 Podcast Season 2, Episode 1

Cookbooks and cooking with fire Welcome to the new podcast season and the new podcast format! With Season 2 of… ...
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